Anyone who knows me, or knows of me, is aware that I use Free and Open Source Software; painfully aware, in fact. I never shut up about it. The torrent of sarcastic anti-Microsoft remarks must get tiresome. The inevitable lecture on the advantages of FOSS over proprietary systems is endured (usually) with patient grace by my friends and family. Although, I suspect, they stay on my good side so that I continue to provide free tech support.

So why, why am I using a proprietary browser?

It’s simple, really. It’s better. Working on this ten year old Dell PC with Ubuntu 7.10 GNOME desktop, struggling along with 256MB RAM memory and 6GB disk space, Firefox (my heretofore favorite browser) just isn’t cutting it. The memory leaks, freezing and crashing are too frustrating. I’m not a religious man. I’m eminently practical. I use what works. Given a choice, I’ll always choose a FOSS solution. But I will always choose the best solution, for myself and my clients. For a Web browser, that solution is Opera.

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  1. I still use Firefox and 6 others just to check web dev in all common browsers. I can’t wait to get a Mac! I’ll say, “The Devil made me do it!” ;-) Peace.

  2. I hate mushrooms.
    I use a Dell. I am thinking about a Macbook Air, though.

    I am now, officially, stalking you.

  3. @Evi: I’ve never enjoyed being stalked quite this much!
    I’m lusting after a MacBookPro, or the (drool) 8-core box that starts at 2.7k. I spec’d one out last night – with all the upgrades it was $28,000. But, damn! What a fine box!

  4. I’m very amused by your comments section picking up and echoing the OS and browser used – though, ironically, it claims you used Firefox to add comments to your post on why you used Opera…

    Oh, and just to inspire your envy, I’m using a MacBook Pro right now…

    — Satan

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  5. @Satan: As I mentioned in #2 above, I use many browsers to check page design. But I love Firefox, it just doesn’t run well on this crappy old box. Opera runs quite well on the same system without the memory leaks that FF is notorious for. And, yes, I am envious… ;-) Thanks for the comment.

    @Jess: Hi, doll! Thanks for the comment. As I said to Satan himself, I love the Fox O’Fire! But Opera runs faster. I like the speed dial thingy in Opera, but I think FF has a plugin like that. Good to see you!

  6. @Angela: I’m not sure what to suggest. Obviously, I’m getting comments from others. Can you give me an idea of what happens when you try to leave a comment? cre8Buzz! is a great site, I want to make sure my page is accessible to all. Thanks.

  7. Recently, I tried Opera and it works really nice for me. However I still surf on Firefox. I think I used to work on FF.

  8. @Kacper: I miss the plugins on FF and I still use it sometimes for specific tasks. I’ll be getting a faster PC tomorrow; maybe I’ll switch back to FF then. ;-) Thanks for your comment. I like your blog, too. Sound financial advice is always welcome.

  9. @CableGirl: Well, I ain’t talking hit about it; I’m really gonna buy one – a MacBook Pro, too. Just as soon as I have the money. Of course, god knows when that will happen! :(

  10. Hi Tim! Enjoying the blog here so far. Understood what you meant about Opera over FF however, most of my usage is via FF I guess because I’m so darned used to it. Spose I need to stick my head out the window and check out Opera for Linux. Shoot, maybe I’ll install it on my laptop with that “other” OS. :P

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  11. I still haven’t checked out Opera. I finally recently made the switch away fro IE and went to Firefox. Having a very fast computer, I have none of the problems you mentioned.

    I too am very anti-Microsoft, and have been for a long time!

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