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The fact any of this was said on a major american news network is shocking to me. Reblog and keep reblogging. Fuck the cops

SERIOUSLY FUCKING WATCH THIS. Especially if you have skewed fucking perception that the people occupying wall street we’re being anything but peaceful, you wanna fucking talk MOB Mentality?! THE POLICE FORCE IS A FUCKING MOB.



What happened to the freedom to peacefully assemble?

How are we any different from say.. Communist China?

Welcome back to 1967, children.

This makes me REALLY scared.

I don’t want to get into a debate or whatever but I always wonder what Obama would say as his official statement about this incident if he was forced to watch it and do so. I don’t see how he could defend the police. But at the same time he would never bother to do something about it realistically.

I’m not sure how much cherry picking went on here, but I am incredibly grateful to Lawrence O’Donnell and the MSNBC network for having the courage to air this and say what has needed to be said for…well, decades now. I do believe everybody should watch this. And I really like how it was stated that not ALL of the police force is like this, and not even most of them. It’s just a few control-freaks and tyrannical bullies out there who ruin the entire reputation. Even statements like “fuck the police” are pretty harsh stereotyping. It’s only a few bad apples that get the entire force blamed for crimes. However, as it was pointed out, it’s those few bad apples that don’t get reprimanded for their actions, and that is a serious issue in our country.

For once I agree with you, MSNBC.

NYT Headline: 3 Detectives in Bell Shooting Acquitted

Why does this come as no surprise? The defendants waived their right to a jury trial, which many people thought was a risky move. What was risky about it? Instead of having twelve honest citizens decide their fate, they entrusted the decision to an agent of the corrupt, murderous, out-of-control mega-gang known generically as “the government”. It’s high time the people took matters into their own hands.

I’m so f#ck!ng  sick of hearing pseudo-intellectual @ssh0les debate the relative merits of the crapweasels running for office as if any of that matters! Do you really think that our civil liberties will be restored if Obama gets elected? Do you honestly believe the war will end, gas prices will drop, the government will stop screwing the poor and middle class? That the police will suddenly act like enlightened protectors of the innocent and not like the ignorant thugs that many (but not all) of them are? How freakin wonderful the bliss of that naivete must be! I wonder how much it matters to Sean Bell, his family, or his fiancee?

Now, I’m off to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 on a server and (hopefully) forget goddamn politics, news and people. Like an ostrich, I’ll sink my head into the sands of geektopia. But come the revolution, brotha…