All my life, I have been a spiritual person. What does that mean? A spiritual person is simply one who is concerned with spiritual matters, who desires to explore spirituality, who believes our spiritual nature is our true, fundamental nature and it’s development is the primary purpose of our lives.

Some time ago, I became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. I did this primarily for the legal ability to perform certain ceremonies, such as weddings, which people may request. There is no need for government certification to be a spiritual being on the path of enlightenment, or to help others on their journey. But our present government believes it has that authority, so I have the required legal status.

Though I struggle through this life, I believe I can help others. In fact, helping others is necessary for my own spiritual well-being. On this page, you will find posts about my spiritual struggle, attempts to help others, and related topics.

As a bit of personal background, I was raised Catholic. I attended parochial school for nine years before transferring to a public high school. Later, I took a degree in physics from a Catholic college. I started as a dual major, religious studies and physics. I believed, and still do, they are both seeking the same answers but asking different questions. Religious studies was dropped to a minor, then altogether, after a disagreement with the chair of the department. I naively expected an academic study of comparative theology and, instead, received five courses of Catholic catechism.

Today, I do not identify myself as a Christian. Truth can be found in many places, religious or not. I believe Christ was a great teacher, as were many others. We are all teachers and we are all students. To what degree we succeed is equivalent to the degree we focus our lives on spirit. I believe forces in my life have brought me to a place where I must achieve a finer focus. All doors are closed to me but one: the One that is always open.