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Operating Systems

  Windows MacOS Linux

Windows 7

MacOS Lion

Linux (any distro, 2.6+ kernel)

CPU/Core Support Cores: 32 (32bit), 256 (64bit); CPUs: 1-2 (depends on version) ? Set at compilation time, default is 8, max is 512, experimental max is 4096
Supported File Systems NTFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF HFS+ (default), HFS, UFS, AFP, ISO 9660, FAT, UDF, NFS, SMBFS, NTFS (read only), FTP, WebDAV ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF, NFS, XFS, CIFS, SquashFS, HFS/HFS+ (non-journaled) and many others
Supported Architectures x86, x86-64 x86 x86, x86-64, PPC, SPARC, Alpha, ARM, others
Source Code restricted restricted available
License proprietary proprietary open
Price $80-220 $30-170 Free, but you can pay if you want. :-)