I haven’t made any scientific comparisons, I only share my experience. I’ve been a devoted Mozilla/Firefox user for many years. My current workhorse is an AMD Phenom Quad core box with 8GB RAM and it flies. :)

I tend to keep 40-60 tabs open, on average. I can run the latest Firefox on this box and it will have severe performance problems (the screen turns grey, desktop unresponsive) even with nothing else running. I have to restart Firefox 3 times daily. It takes a long time to reload, so this is a major inconvenience.

I am now running Chrome with 42 tabs, as well as Thunderbird, Gimp, Pidgin, 5 terminals, and 2 virtual machines (Ubuntu 10.4 using QEMU and OpenSuse 11.2 using Virtualbox 3.1) – all this on a fully pimped-out Compiz 3D desktop on a 24″ display – with outstanding performance from Chrome.

I love the Fox, but until it gets its act together, I’m using Chrome.

9 thoughts on “Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome

  1. It *is* super fast! And it’s got plenty of useful extensions now. I think it’s become my new preferred browser.

  2. I’ve switched to Chrome for the same reasons. Got really fed up with Firefox hanging itself. I tried reformatting my PC, thinking I may have had a worm. But, after a couple of days FF went right back to being slow and dying. Chrome doesn’t have that problem. I run on Windows Vista and just have the computer I pulled out the box when I bought it over a year ago.

    • Thanks. Laura. Unless Mozilla straightens out these issues, I see a mass exodus to Chrome soon.

  3. Ha! Strangely enough I’ve just posted an entry saying I’m giving up (mostly) on Firefox too.

    I use Opera, which I’m very happy with. It does lack a couple of toolbars though, but I can live without them.

  4. I do agree …I also went from IE to Firefox and then to Chrome for exactly the same reasons.
    Chrome seems promising and very efficient thus far~

  5. I go with Firefox only because of their vast collection of plugins. But why does everyone have so many tabs open at once? I’ll never have more than 10 at a time.

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