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I’m enjoying this new site so much! Cre8Buzz! is a friendly network of talented people trying to spread the word of their projects while making friends and contacts. Because of the ranking system, and the communities, it is easy to quickly find talented people in many fields. Two things I noticed immediately: the warm welcome from the community and the lack of css themes. Both may be attributable to the relatively small size of the user group.

BumbleBee Theme

The Buzz, as some users call it, just launched recently. Many users keep the default theme, which is clean and functional. Some try using Myspace themes with predictably horrendous results. Some members use themes from khenny of Quartz Mountain Communications, a California-based web design studio. His themes are very good but limited in number. As some of you may know, I love to play with themes, changing them to suit my mood. So I’ve started saving them to where they are available to all. While the site is not “live” yet, the themes can be accessed now. I hope to get the site built up soon, with a snappier look and an upload facility so everyone can share. As always, feedback is welcome.

So come join in the fun, sign up on Cre8Buzz! and use my themes or create your own. Stop by my page and give a shout out to my friends Antman, RealWorldMom and piper of love. They all have great profiles and links to some really slamming blogs of their own. Peace.

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  1. It’s great you’re enjoying the buzz. I should have guessed you enjoyed playing with themes; it didn’t take you long to get your slick one up after you joined.


  2. Thanks, Ian! That’s half the fun of a new account – setting up themes. It’s almost (but not quite) as good as getting a new computer and customizing it. Which reminds me… it’s almost time to do *that* again! ;-)

  3. I didn’t know where to comment, so I am doing it here. Thank you for your comment on the If I Knew THe Way… post. And for sharing the other tune. I appreciate your enthusiasm for it, it made me choke up posting it. Veronica

  4. @Stacey: Thanks, sweetie, you’re making me blush! You’re making a Buzz on that site, too!

    @veronicaromm: I’ll have to visit more often, I really admire your compassionate nature and your interesting viewpoint.

    Both of you are welcome to comment here anytime.


  5. Thanks for coming by and your comment. You hit it on an especially 2 kleenex day. I love this layout and know nothing about making my blog cool functioning and visually brilliant like yours. I am new to blogging all together. Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Veronica

  6. @veronicaromm: Thank you! Cre8Buzz is not my site, but I share the goals of the site owner: giving the ants the megaphone. The Internet is the only place where a person or small group can broadcast their message to the world almost on equal ground with government and corporate giants. This needs to be prized, encouraged, endorsed and protected; PEEPed, if you will. ;-)

    The folks at cre8Buzz know this and I try to support their efforts, while achieving my personal and business goals. I hope you enjoy your Buzz!


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