NYT Headline: 3 Detectives in Bell Shooting Acquitted

Why does this come as no surprise? The defendants waived their right to a jury trial, which many people thought was a risky move. What was risky about it? Instead of having twelve honest citizens decide their fate, they entrusted the decision to an agent of the corrupt, murderous, out-of-control mega-gang known generically as “the government”. It’s high time the people took matters into their own hands.

I’m so f#ck!ngĀ  sick of hearing pseudo-intellectual @ssh0les debate the relative merits of the crapweasels running for office as if any of that matters! Do you really think that our civil liberties will be restored if Obama gets elected? Do you honestly believe the war will end, gas prices will drop, the government will stop screwing the poor and middle class? That the police will suddenly act like enlightened protectors of the innocent and not like the ignorant thugs that many (but not all) of them are? How freakin wonderful the bliss of that naivete must be! I wonder how much it matters to Sean Bell, his family, or his fiancee?

Now, I’m off to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 on a server and (hopefully) forget goddamn politics, news and people. Like an ostrich, I’ll sink my head into the sands of geektopia. But come the revolution, brotha…

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  1. I hadn’t heard that news yet, thanks for posting it. Bummer. Guess we coulda seen it coming though. You’re right. Question is, what actions are possible and effective to create true and lasting change? The powers-that-be are not interested in what we-the-people want, they only want to make sure they can control us.

    Well guess what? We ain’t interested in being controlled any longer! Probably we never were — we just didn’t realize that’s what’s happening.

    Still left with the question: so what are we gonna DO??

    Back to work is one answer. Good one most of the time. It pays the bills (or as close to it as it’s going to get.) But as long as the work we are doing feeds “the machine”. . . know what I’m sayin’ here???

    What do you think?

  2. @Nancy Boyd and Stacey: Taking action is scary – on any level. Damn near everything we do is recorded. Many people fear joining activist groups or even voting ‘outside the box’ for fear of reprisal. I don’t believe the efforts, valiant as they are, made by activist groups make a significant difference. Who holds presidential office is irrelavant, nothing will change until the process changes.

    But that doesn’t answer your (most excellent and direct) question: what are we gonna do? For a long time, I favored armed revolution. The people in power in this *or any* government are not above using deadly force to keep their power (though they would phrase it differently, ie. ‘keep order’, ‘prevent civil unrest’ and other bullshit media phrases). For a long time I thought that the President, VP, cabinet, staff, congress, top military brass, etc, should be dragged into the street and shot. Then, elect new leaders with the caveat, “Remember what happened to the last crew that betrayed us.” It seemed to have worked for the French in 1789. In fact, I see many parallels between France under Louis XIV and King George W’s USA. The flap about terrorism has brought about a modern “Committee for Public Safety”.

    What the hell is all this malarkey about terrorism, anyway? Have we forgotten that damn near all the ‘founding fathers’ of this country were labelled terrorists by the English monarchy they were revolting against? If Patrick Henry were alive today, he’d be executed again by *this* government. Revolution is illegal, you know. Why do you suppose that is? Terrorism is the only way a small, underfunded group can *effectively* fight a large, entrenched, powerful government.

    People around the globe resent the US because it sticks it’s nose in everyone else’s business (whenever a profit is to be had) and thinks it has the right to tell the entire Earth how to live (“Praise Jesus, Democracy for all!”). Yet, when our ‘leaders’ have nothing to gain politically or financially (for example, their disgraceful inaction in Tibet), we suddenly must respect other countries’ soveriegnty. Bah!

    So… (…takes a breath…) what do I now think we should do?

    I am 47 years old. I no longer am interested in ‘righting wrongs’. I have come to the inevitable conclusion of every thinking person who lives long enough with their eyes open. It doesn’t matter…. Once more, with feeling: It doesn’t matter. Any system in which one person has more power or worth than another is inherently evil. If those cops in Queens had shot and killed Jenna Bush during one of her drunken escapades, I think the verdict would have been different. Unless, perhaps, they opted for a jury trial.

    My point is that the kind of people who seek political office in the first place are self-centered assholes who will abuse whatever power they are given. If I was tasked with restructuring our government, I would look to more progressive, socially responsible countries as a guideline. But the present rule of the few rich and powerful over the masses will not change. Ever. Most of the public are sheep and sheep need a shepherd with a big stick and a big dog.

    I only hope I can make enough to die comfortably off the grid somewhere in peace, without a crowd of assholes surrounding me trying to decide to save me or ‘let me go’ or which voodoo soothsayer should perform which archaic ritual over the shell of my former self.

    And now, for another cup of coffee…. ;-)

    [marches into the kitchen to the sounds of Wet Willie, “Keep on Smiling”)

  3. We just need another “Tea Party” except this time, maybe use oil instead. It’s the only reason why we’re still in Iraq, the only reason why we went over to “help” Kuwait and one of the reasons why Bush wants to invade Iran so badly. OIL!

    Check out his background: BIG OIL No surprise there. Chaney’s just as bad.

    Power breeds corruption on all levels of society. We as Americans have left our collective heads in the sand for so long now that the powers that be have pretty much full control now.

    The only way to wake them up? NO ONE Shows UP TO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY!! Think they’d get the message? ;)

    MerlinsMinute’s last blog post..A clean install works every time!

  4. that is crazy! i often hear of lawsuits in the US and they drive me crazy. what makes me crazier are the decisions meted. sigh, no justice at all.

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