Those of you who know me are familiar with my sometimes corny, sometimes edgy, usually dry sense of humor.  I’m certainly not known for political correctness.  But, hey! I’m okay with that.

I was bored the other day (really, I was avoiding the pile of work to be done), and decided to create a fun site for funny photos.  To be accurate, photos with funny captions.  It will provide me with endless hours of amusement, keeping me off the streets and out of trouble.  I hope some of you will become contributors, too.  Right now, you can leave comments and alternate captions.  Email me to register an account.  I’d leave it open but for the damned spammers.  Check out WrongDotCom and let me know what you think.

No, not really. Like many well-intentioned bloggers, I get caught up in the demands of life. I’m not lazy, I work long hours for damn little compensation. I’ve just got too many projects going. I run from one to the next, rarely bringing anything to fruition. That needs to change.

I’m working now on a new way to organize my day. I’ll now be making a little time every day to visit each of my projects, including several blogs. I’ve had to shelve some promising ideas, even scrap some, in order to focus on what I hope will be the most productive. This is second nature for you organizers out there, but a daunting task for me.

Wish me luck. I hope we can all move closer to our dreams this year.

Seven years ago today, I left my house in the Bronx to go to my job at a software development company in White Plains, NY. On the way in, I stopped for coffee. Some homeless-looking dude came past me on the street saying, “They flew a plane into the WTC”. I thought he was nuts. When I got to work, it was eerily silent. Everyone was watching show the clips of the first and then the second attack.

I didn’t lose family or close friends, but we had customers in the Towers who didn’t make it out. Blessings and peace to those who lost their lives; to those injured physically, mentally and emotionally; to the people who lost their livelihood; and to the family, friends and communities who bear the burden still.

The Inflatable Soapbox is moving to a new server today.  The URL will still work, but please check your blogroll links and bookmarks.  The IP-based address will no longer be valid.  I expect these changes to be complete by 17:00 EST today.  Any odd glitches should be ironed out by tomorrow.  I want to change the theme to something less graphics-intensive to improve load times.  That will come after the move, however.  Thank you for your patience.

Here’s a shot of my desktop today: Linux Mint (built on Ubuntu, built on Debian) with Compiz. Shown are 2 of my 6 desktops. On the left is twhirl running on the alpha Linux version of Adobe AIR. On the right is a terminal where PDFedit has dailed to compile because it cant find the (installed) Boost libraries.

I love my spinning 3D desktops because I can be more productive: I keep things up and running on all sides, then just spin to the one I need. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s just damn cool. And it blows Vista away.

3D Desktop is pleased to announce the availability of Ubuntu PCB Edition v2.0 on the linuxtracker bittorrent network. For faster downloads, more accurate statistics and to see all of the available torrents, please visit

This is an example of the power of Open Source! Ubuntu, itself derived from the Debian source code, is one of the leading Linux distros today. This is because the developers have made it much friendlier and added the option to include non-free software, such as the nVidia drivers. These are sometimes desirable because of the greater control over the hardware and access to additional features.

Now another developer has taken Ubuntu and tweaked it further, adding the programs, drivers and codecs necessary for a pleasing out-of-the-box experience. For those of you who want to install an OS and have it “just work”, try Ubuntu PCB Edition.

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